Actively Searching for Gift Stewards

How ironic it is that a post about good stewardship would go up a day late. And I have no valid excuse for it. I should have drank coffee instead of taking that nap I took the other day. I should have worked on this post instead of watching two movies back-to-back. None of that... Continue Reading →

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Fresh Outta Ignorance

When I was a child, I thought the word "ignorant" was used to describe someone that was dull in understanding. Someone you wouldn't exactly call "the sharpest knife in the drawer". As I grew up, however, I came to understand that this word wasn't just for the uneducated or unsophisticated. I learned that any time... Continue Reading →

Thriving in Difficulty

In those dark moments when life seems to be falling apart, I ask you to consider that it might actually be falling into place. When God begins to upend our lives, removing both people and things that we are comfortable and familiar with, it can feel a lot like punishment. It is possible, however, that... Continue Reading →

Relationship > Service

Up until now, I always thought that service to God and relationship with God were equally important. Almost two years ago I published a blog post titled, "Is it Possible to Repay God?"and while I meant well, scripture proves that I had it very wrong. The church at Ephesus consistently gave their service to God... Continue Reading →

In the Name of Love, Be a Conduit

  Lo-debar. The words “lack” and “desolation” immediately come to mind. No thriving crops, no harvest to bring in. Some translations state that it means “no pasture”. Other sources say that it means “nothing”. To me it sounds like a forgotten town for forgotten people. The story of Mephibosheth, who came out of Lo-debar after... Continue Reading →

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