The Uneven Exchange: Is it possible to pay God back?

I’m sure most of us have been in a situation where we’ve had to terminate a relationship, whether it was romantic or otherwise, due to a lack of reciprocity. We constantly emptied ourselves of all that we had to give and received very little in return. This says nothing about our value or who we are as a person and is only proof that the relationship meant more to us than it did to the other person. This is always a clear sign that it’s time to move on. There is one relationship, though, in which we will always be the the one giving less than we are given yet we never have to worry about being cut off.

We know that we were created for God’s glory and for His purposes but we often fail to fulfill that. He gives of Himself to no end and we take and take without hesitation or without so much as a thought of what we can do in return. In Psalms 116 we have an unidentified psalmist who recalls all that God has done for him; from saving him from death, hearing his cries for help and delivering him from affliction to giving his soul peace in the midst of his troubles. After reflecting on all the ways that God had dealt “bountifully” with him he asks, “What shall I render to the Lord, for all his benefits toward me?”(Ps. 116:12).

Any effort to repay God for His goodness is futile but I’m certain that He wouldn’t be offended by our attempts to do so. I want to remind you that my goal is to equip God’s people for ministry (read my purpose again here) and then move them to action; for this reason, I want you to start thinking about what you will render. It’s okay to give God the fruit of your lips but more than that He wants the work of your hands.

What will you render to the God of your salvation? The God who healed you, loved you when you weren’t easy to love, showed you favor when you did nothing to deserve it, and took you back every time you played the harlot by loving things more than you loved Him? Don’t wait for opportunities to repay His kindness but instead create those opportunities to do so. The Assistant Pastor at my church constantly reminds us that we are the 5th gospel and the only Bible that most folks will ever read. We must keep that in mind in our daily dealings with the people around us.

Instead of reaching our hand out to receive, let’s stretch it out to give to those right next to us that are standing in need. Jesus lets us know in Matthew 25 that when we give food to those that are hungry, give drink to those that are thirsty, clothe those that are naked, visit those that are sick and go to those that are in prison, it is as though we have done these things unto Him. So while we are unable to give God an even exchange of His love and kindness towards us, we can redirect our efforts by showing that same love and kindness towards His children. As far as He’s concerned, that’s just as good.

7 responses to “The Uneven Exchange: Is it possible to pay God back?”

  1. Great read! ❤️ Although we cannot repay God for His goodness and mercy, we can channel our appreciation to our brothers and sisters. Thanks Tausha for the message.


    1. You are so very welcome! God is love so it only makes sense that we strive to be ambassadors of that love. I’m so glad that you were blessed by this post. Thank you for your continued support! ❤️❤️


  2. We surely cannot pay him back for all He’s done and continues to do for us! What a great passage on his unwavering love for us!


    1. Amen Mr. Cooper!! 😊 Thank you!!


  3. This post has made really think about some things. I wonder if people will begin to miss the point if they focus on solely trying to “pay God back” through service and action. I think God wants true relationship with us and often that requires action on our part, however I don’t think the focus is the action. It is our heart. Are your motives aligned with pleasing God because of your desire to make Him happy or are your motives to receive His favor or guilt and shame rule your desires to please God. I think we need to talk about motives. Because we can easily slip into a relationship with God of routine that is driven by obligation.


    1. I totally agree Charrin! If our hearts aren’t in the right place then any act of service is for naught. And relationship with Him is equally important so that is a good point as well. But I do believe that we have an obligation to serve others, especially those that don’t know Him, because Jesus told us to go out into the highways and the hedges and compel them to come. This is our ministry so I just don’t want people to get so caught up in getting all that they can from God, whether spiritually or naturally, that they never share the knowledge of who He is with those that so desperately need it. But thank you for sharing! I think you may have given me what to post about next! 🙂


  4. […] relationship with God were equally important. Almost two years ago I published a blog post titled, “Is it Possible to Repay God?”and while I meant well, scripture proves that I had it very […]


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