Is it possible to terminate a friendship without creating a new enemy?

I’ve burned so many bridges in my life that you could rightly call me an arson. It’s not something that I’m proud of and it has cost me many hours of much-needed sleep. Most of it was because, despite being taught about conflict resolution in 5th grade, I really didn’t know how to deal with conflict. Sorting out issues with others is hard but when you claim to be saved and are thus held to a higher standard, it can be that much harder. But if we look for the answers in God’s Word, we won’t be disappointed.

To err is human but to own up to your mistakes and then apologize for them takes real courage.

Division is one of the worst things that can fall upon a church because friendships aren’t the only thing that are destroyed. It can break people’s spirit and cause them to leave the church and it also sends the wrong message to those that are still new in Christ. More so, it keeps things from getting done because everyone is so focused on who is mad at who that they lose sight of what’s important. Division is a trick of the enemy and we have to recognize it and deal with it head on before it hinders the effectiveness of the ministry.

In today’s study we will look at what the Bible says about relationships and how we are to resolve conflict so that we can “…keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3) and focus on what’s really important, which is bringing people to Christ.

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