Seeing a God That is Difficult to See

The other week my husband and I were leaving church one night when our 7-month old started crying. We had a long drive ahead of us and it had already been a long day so neither of us felt like hearing her scream the whole ride home. For that reason he asked me to sit in the backseat between her and our 5-year old. When I opened the back door she saw my face and immediately stopped crying; however, when I closed the door and the light went off, she was at it again. In an effort to soothe her, I held her hand and said very softly, “Just because you can’t see me, that doesn’t mean I’m not here”. After hearing my voice, she was finally at peace.

Sometimes we go through dark periods in our lives – moments where we find ourselves searching the sky looking for God’s face – and then He does something to let us know that just because we can’t see Him, that doesn’t mean He isn’t there. This year has been a rough one for our family and we’ve faced a lot of difficulties but God has shown up in ways we would have never imagined. He has made provision time and time again and has used people to meet our needs in our moments of lack. While the devil would like us to focus on what we don’t have, all I can do is thank Him for everything we do have. God is so faithful.

As Jesus prepared to send His disciples out, He thought about the trials and opposition they’d face while spreading the hope of the gospel message. He thought about how some of them would be stoned, imprisoned and persecuted. He thought about the oppression that would fall upon the church on the right hand and on the left. Bearing these things in mind, He simply looked at them and said, “…and Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the World” (Matthew 28:20).

How reassuring it is to know that in this chaotic and seemingly hopeless world, we have a Savior that has promised to never leave us. Sometimes we think about the uncertainties that lie before us and it can cause us to feel completely powerless but God is sovereign and the plan that He has for us far exceeds any plan that we could ever try to draw up for ourselves.

In all of our suffering, tribulation, sleepless nights, and confusion, we should yet have a praise on our lips to offer up to God because in all that we go through, He finds ways to remind us that He is yet with us. Whether it be an encouraging word from our brother or sister, or Him working things out on our behalf at the very last minute, He wants us to always remember that no matter how bleak it looks, just because we can’t see Him, that doesn’t mean that He isn’t there.


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