Giving Honor Where Honor is Due

This Father’s Day, I’d like to divert from my typical Bible study blog post that you all are used to seeing from me to write a post for my father, as well as all good men and fathers. In addition to those men that fulfill their responsibilities to the children that they helped to create, I want to recognize the men that serve as fathers and mentors to those that lack positive role models. Thank you for filling in the gap. Today, I honor and celebrate you.


It is upon the shoulders of men that society rests,
Its stability being heavily dependent upon their presence.
Prisons might have fewer inmates,
And perhaps we might not lose so much talent to streets
That require illicit creativity in order to survive
If young men had male figures to teach them how to thrive
In a social and economic competition that stops for no one.
Abuse of any kind is far less likely to be tolerated
When little girls and young women have fathers
That will validate their worth
And teach them how to distinguish between
Tainted love and that which is genuine
Because Daddy will always demonstrate the latter.
Men have the power to break homes and hearts
In ways that can be detrimental to those impacted by their decisions.
At the same time, though, within them lies the power to raise children
Who choose to invest their energy into activities
That will enable them to develop the best version of themselves
Thereby bringing forth greatness
That has the potential to benefit all of humanity.
Such accomplishments are achieved not by a man who is there
But by a man who is present.
These things come about as a result of someone making themselves available
To respond to never-ending questions from perpetually curious children,
To provide guidance on the best course of action
In situations that aren’t always easy to navigate,
Or instruction on how to change a tire, create a budget,
How to love and be loved.
So I applaud and pay my respects
To the men that recognize the immense responsibility that has been entrusted to them,
Refusing to succumb to the pressure to get it just right
Because the truth is, women and children don’t need infallibility,
They need consistent effort
And someone that will require that they produce the same.
Men, you are our balancing act,
Our foundation.
You are the binding substance that holds civilizations and promising futures together.

-Le Tausha Richardson

June 21, 2020

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