There are No Freed Hands Where Bound Minds are Present

Our beliefs shape our world. More often than not, our circumstances are brought about as a result of those things that we hold to be true, whether that be in regards to what we accept as truth about ourselves, our abilities, our worth or even the way the world works. Whatever the case may be, our lives are created by the beliefs we build them upon.

Need proof? Read these words that Jesus spoke to His disciples in John 14:12-14:

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father. You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father. Yes, ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it!”(NLT)

What Jesus is saying is that we can only be effective in the Kingdom if we believe so. We can only make supplication before Him, either for ourselves or on behalf of others, only after we have become thoroughly convinced that He is powerful enough to grant our request. Doubt makes one fruitless but confidence in His ability to work through us makes us mighty in Him.

That being said, if belief alone is enough to equip us for God’s work then it is certainly enough to transform our lives. We can change the state of affairs in our lives for the better by simply changing the inner workings of our mind.

The following poem was written for those that continue to be hindered by self-limiting beliefs. It is my prayer that you will see the truth embedded in every word and then do away with the lies you’ve been telling yourself about you because when we are bound in our mind, that bondage is translated into our reality. I think it’s about time we get free.


The question was posed: What is the cost to your body and heart
When you hold onto something that no longer serves you?
A better question is, What is the cost to your body and heart
When you hold onto things that have never served you?
And what can be gained when you choose to release them?
You can exchange bondage for freedom
Burdens for the lifting of weights
That have only brought on backaches, headaches and heartaches
Yes, you lose the familiarity of the thing in the process
But I have reason to believe that the unfamiliar holds something
Much more promising
Fewer tears, less anxiety
Because self-doubt has nothing good to offer
Feelings of inadequacy
Have never pushed anyone closer
To their desired destination
But instead
Such feelings serve as effective stumbling blocks
Downright roadblocks
Creating dead ends in the middle of every new pursuit
To send you back where you came from
Seemingly confirming
That you just aren’t good enough
And it’s only true
Because you believe it
Until you don’t
You see
Truth, as it pertains to who and what you are,
Is only the truth if you accept it as such
However, release allows you to say goodbye to old truths
And invite new ones in
So although you were right when you said you weren’t good enough
Now you are right when you affirm that you are
You are the sum of everything that you believe
If there are blemishes in your self-image
Crippling lies embedded in your self-perception
You need not throw yourself away
No, that isn’t the answer at all
You, my dear, are in dire need of release
It’s time those lies
Finally saw their downfall



Photo credit: Miguel A. Padrinan

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