Welcome to my blog! I know you could be doing a million other things right now so I want to thank you so much for stopping by. Here I will share with you why I started this blog and what I hope to accomplish with it. If you’d like to read more about who I am and what brought me to start a blog, click here. Wondering why my blog is titled “Fresh Outta Milk”? See my post titled “Isn’t it about time we believers stopped drinking milk?”.

So here is the rundown:

When I was working 10-12 hour shifts at my job and fighting traffic for an hour and a half to get home to my family, I hardly ever had time to study my Word the way I wanted to (but somehow I had time to scroll through Facebook and keep up with what was going on in other people’s lives) and that bothered me to no end. I tried to fill that void by reading devotions online and while they were inspiring, very seldom did I walk away feeling like I had actually learned something. If you had asked me an hour later what biblical text the devotion was based on, I wouldn’t have been able to recall. Having said that, the purpose of this blog is to serve as an online Bible study and I have a few objectives in mind. The first is to provide a solution to those individuals that lead a busy lifestyle that hinders them from being able to satisfy their desire for God’s Word. By doing all of the studying – the heavy lifting – I hope to provide you with invaluable knowledge and insight that will inspire you to grab your bible off the shelf and study it for yourself, renewing your passion for God and His Word as a result.

My second objective is to work towards becoming thoroughly equipped for ministry inside and outside of the church by gaining a deeper understanding of the bible and I’m hoping I can find a few others that would like to join me on this journey. There is a whole world of people that need to hear from us but we cannot reach them if we have nothing to offer them. Yes, our personal testimony is a powerful way to reach others but we cannot discount the importance of being acquainted with God’s Word. Not just basic principles, or “milk”, as Paul called it, but we need to familiarize ourselves with the “meat” too. We’ve become estranged from the gospel and this has given birth to a lack of enthusiasm and passion in the church and has made way for spiritual complacency. This leads me to my third and final objective, which is to move you to action. God is calling us out. This blog is titled “Fresh Outta Milk” for a reason and that is because I believe it is time for us to pour the milk down the drain and take in biblical truths that will sustain us in good and bad times alike. It’s time for us to become all that God intends for us to be and it is going to take some intentionality on our part to make that happen.

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I look forward to growing with you.

Yours in Christ,


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